Find out about all our talented developers below! Click their name for a link to their website.


Lead Game Designer – Glynis Burton

Glynis is a passionate and kind designer who wants to use games as tools to have an impact on the world and combat issues she’s passionate about. She strives to combine education and fun in Kanji Samurai, and is responsible for the overall creative direction of the project. Glynis has always loved Japan and is enthused to introduce others to the Japanese language through gameplay.


Game Designer – Luca Hibbard-Curto

Luca is a thoughtful and friendly game designer from Illinois. He worked at ID Tech Summer Camps where he taught kids of all ages the basics of game and level design using Stencyl and Unreal Engine 4 game making tools.  He believes that games can be an interesting, thought provoking medium and strives to create games that reflect that.


Sound Designer – Connor Meislan

Connor is a talented sound designer responsible for all the sound effects and music tracks you’ll hear in Kanji Samurai. He is reliable and his sound skills have greatly enhanced our gameplay in terms of player feedback.


Lead Artist – Maddie Bouchie

Maddie is a soft-spoken yet imaginative artist whose relaxed demeanor and insightful feedback lead the art team in establishing Kanji Samurai’s art direction. Maddie is very good at accessing the art needs of our project and solidifying a concrete art direction. Her portfolio is currently a work in progress but can be viewed here.


 Artist – Connor Chapin

Cheery and funny, Connor is responsible for all the character art in Kanji Samurai. He thinks creatively to ensure each of our senseis the player learns from are distinctly different in their visual design. He is very passionate about the project and is always good for a laugh or an interesting factoid to share.


Artist – Julia Eddy

Always amicable and responsive, Julia primarily works on animations for Kanji Samurai. She is always enthusiastic and very sincere. Good at managing her time, Julia always delivers. Her portfolio is always a work in progress but can be viewed here


 Artist – Matt Stangel

Matt is kindly lending us assistance with our senior capstone game despite not technically being enrolled in the class. His insight led us to making our grid more responsive and his extra assistance to our art team has been a huge help.


Lead Programmer – Eric Nicholson

Eric’s programming feats have allowed us to create a system of Kanji recognition so players can be graded on their accuracy. His programming made Glynis’ vision possible. He is incredibly reliable and easy to work with.


Programmer – Mary Scheyder

Mary has been a great asset to our team in lifting the weight of programming off of Eric. Like Eric, she is also incredibly reliable despite having another job as a quantitative analyst. Responsible for the Kanji Drop game mode and other programming magic, Mary is a kind person who is always ready to help.


Producer – Emily Harnedy

Sincere and inquisitive, Emily makes team members feel valued for the work they do and brings structure to the team. Emily does her best to streamline the development process by outlining project plans, asset lists, quality assurance documents, and facilitating meaningful discussion between team members to ensure all potential impediments are addressed.