Senior Show

This Friday, Kanji Samurai will be featured among the other nine Champlain College video games for the Senior Game Studio Showcase! You can watch a live stream of the show here. Please join us virtually this Friday at 5:30pm to see Kanji Samurai in action!



Meet Mysterious Mountain Sensei


In Kanji Samurai, the player will meet a variety of unique sensei along the way. One of these is Mysterious Mountain Sensei, a strong, yet kind hearted warrior who lives in the mountains. After working for many masters, he has become a freelance warrior: people come to him to request aid in fighting demons or even to settle local disputes. He lives in the mountains, not out of a desire to be a hermit or to be mysterious, but because he loves how fresh the air is up there. When the player encounters him, he is laid back, kind, and willing to lend an ear. However, he warns the player he is not afraid to kill. He regales the player with stories of his past, suggesting that killing one to save the many is sometimes the only path to peace.

Official App Icon

We’re excited to share with you our variations iterations for the official app icon for Kanji Samurai! The upper row Kanji reads “samurai” and the bottom Kanji reads “katana”. We have decided to go with the icon on the lower right because it is clear and balanced. Plus, it was the one our four artists overwhelmingly preferred.

Our goal in designing the icon was to convey what the experience of Kanji Samurai is in a single icon. The flower petals, sword, and Kanji, are all key elements of our game as players trace Kanji symbols on their tablets or smartphones which results in a sword slashing effect if they get it right and a rain shower of flower petals. Be sure to check out our gallery as soon I’ll be adding the other icon concepts we had, which were equally aesthetically pleasing but did not convey our game quite as well.

kanji samurai5.png

Which icon do you prefer?

Kanji Samurai at GDC

We’re excited to announce that our producer, Emily Harnedy, and lead artist, Maddie Bouchie, will be attending the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco California next week! We’re super pumped to learn more about our specific disciplines (production and art) and make connections with professionals in the game industry.

If you are attending GDC or live in the San Francisco area and would like to playtest Kanji Samurai in its current state, feel free to send Emily an email ( and we can find a time to meet up!


What is Kanji Samurai?

Inspired by our designer’s fierce love of Japan and educational games, Kanji Samurai is an upcoming game for the mobile phone and tablet that provides a fun and introductory experience into the more challenging aspects of learning how to read and write Japanese. Made by senior student developers at Champlain College, Kanji Samurai places players in the role of a samurai warrior intent on avenging his ransacked village.

Players trace and write Kanji with their finger directly on their screen in order to perform attacks against opponents. The more accurately they’ve drawn the Kanji, the more powerful their attack. Players learn kanji from a variety of powerful senseis in order to become the ultimate Kanji Samurai.

We intend for Kanji Samurai to engage players in learning how to write kanji and provide them with a foundation for further learning. With an accompanying story, an assortment of visual and audio effects to enhance learning, and a variety of Kanji to master, we hope that Kanji Samurai will inspire further interest in Japan and its language.